Paris flea market tours

Paris flea market tours

Antiques are an important part of decorative projects we are involved and Paris remains an essential resource for lovers of antiques and interior designers.

Responding to requests from our customers, our collaborator Stephane Corsini, antiques dealer in “Marché  Serpette” – the famous market in the fleamarket of Paris St-Ouen – is on the field to hunt around the furniture and antiques that will complement your decorative project; he also guides you during your shopping tour to make you discover the best opportunities in the vast possibilities of the antiques market in Paris.

The world’s attic

Of all the European capitals, Paris has the greatest concentration of antiques.

Older than 100 years, the flea market of Paris Saint-Ouen is the largest antiques market in the world with over 1,500 stores spread over a dozen separate markets, some of which are reserved for the trade.

Other antiques markets in Paris can be explored such as the Louvre of antique dealers, the square left bank, the Swiss village …

Paris and its region are also home of many auction houses, more or less prestigious.

The eye of the expert

Graduated from I.S.G. and antiques dealer for 15 years at the heart of the flea market in Paris, Stéphane now shares his passion and expertise inherited by two generations of antiques dealers to help our customers – private, decorators and antique dealers- . He speaks fluently English and German.

A professional service

Seeking a professional buyer of antiques gives you the following benefits:

  • The regular presence on the ground of an experienced and recognized dealer who can take advantage of market opportunities in Paris when they arise.
  • Effective and targeted antiques tours.
  • Access to markets reserved to the trade.
  • The expertise of objects.
  • Negotiated prices as close to a professional knowledge of the merchandise and the prices prevailing in the market.
  • The cargo tracking, packing up customs clearance and delivery in collaboration with the best shipping companies specialized in antiques and art objects.